Attach Your Gift Card with Bank for Balance Transfer

Attaching or linking a gift card with the bank is quite easy as the cardholder can easily transfer the balance or credits in the account by adopting the feasible techniques. As various options are available on the web to attach gift card and transfer its balance in the bank account, users should choose the best one amongst those.

Seems like you’re also looking for the option to transfer gift card balance in the bank account.

If yes, then you’re at the right destination.

As if you’re using the Walmart, Target, iTunes gift card; then there are several options available that can also help you transfer its balance to the bank account. But merchant charges some fees for the same.

Link Your Gift Card With Bank Account Through GreenBill

Greenbill.us is an online portal that actually helps the cardholders, transfers the balance of the gift card to the respective bank account without taking a single penny as extra fees. Here, you can get the best assistance online ascertain tips are offered at our official website that can help you attach the gift card with the bank account for easy balance transfer.

How to Attach Gift Card with Bank Account

  • Sign-up with GreenBill.us and get your account activated.
  • If you’re already a registered member, use login credentials to sign-in.
  • Now, mention the essential gift card and bank details in the online form.
  • Press the button “Attach a gift card with the bank” and proceed ahead.
  • Now your gift card is successfully attached with the bank for balance transfer.

In case you’re not able to do so, contact GreenBill customer service team through phone or email and our help desk experts will assist you to get the task completed in a hassle free way.


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