Want to Get Your Gift Card Activated !! Here is What You Need to Do?

Having a gift card is not a big deal anymore but the deactivated ones have no value. Some of the gift cards get activated with the first purchase. But most of them have to be activated manually

One should be aware of how to activate the gift card. There are certain ways to activate gift card. Some of the gift cards get activated automatically upon the first purchase while others need to be enabled by following a certain procedure.

Things to Remember While Activating The Gift Card

  • Your gift card is ordered online from an authentic store.
  • Make sure you’ve come to know about the gift card number.
  • You’re giving a call at the correct number to activate the gift card.
  • Check if you are talking to the legitimate person over the phone for gift card activation.
  • Do not share any confidential details like bank account number with any person on phone.

The process to activate gift card is completely different if you’ve purchased it online or from the physical store. Here’s how you can know about it.


Steps to Activate Gift Card If Purchased Online

  • As you’ve ordered the plastic gift card online from an authentic website, just wait for few days as it will be delivered to your shipping address via mail.
  • Once arrived, a sticker is displayed on the front with a message “Activate this card”. The instructions are clearly mentioned on the sticker how to activate gift card.
  • Take a coin and scratch the dark color strip on the plastic card to bring the gift card number upfront.
  • Now give a call on the phone number as displayed on the sticker to activate gift card immediately.
  • In case the number is not reachable, you can activate the gift card through URL mentioned on the sicker which will take you to the activation page.
  • Now enter the gift card ID or order number as asked along with the password or activation code sent within the gift card kit.
  • Finally, press ‘Activate’ button once the required details are provided successfully.
  • Now use the gift card as it has been activated successfully.

Steps to Activate Gift Card If Purchased from the Physical Store

  • In case you’ve purchased the gift card from the physical store, then there is a different process to activate the same. Here are the steps to get it done with ease:
  • Visit the physical store from where you’ve purchased the gift card of a specific value.
  • Ask the clerk available there to activate the gift card purchased in-store.
  • Once he/she confirms your authenticity, your card will get activated automatically.
  • Save the receipt generated that contains the gift card id or activation code. Keep this safe as this information will actually help you, in case the gift card doesn’t work in future.

Is There Any Other Way to Activate Gift Card in Quick Time?

In case, you think that gift card activation steps are quite lengthy or out of scope to get executed there is an option available with which you can activate the gift card immediately in few minutes.

Greenbill.us is one such online portal that offers free services to perform gift card activation in seconds. Just check the balance of your gift card by entering the essential details like gift card number, access code, CVV number, expiry date, state, and phone (optional) in the online form. Upon doing this, your gift card will get activated instantly.

You can also contact our helpdesk team at the number 1-800-695-5869 or email us at in case the gift card activation doesn’t happen.

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