Redeem Your Gift Card Balance at No Cost

Gift cards are redeemed to add or transfer the store credit in your online wallet. The main purpose behind doing this is to make an online purchase using the gift card balance redeemed in shopping site account. As if you’re looking to shop from the authentic online shopping store like Google Play store, App store or iTunes music store, Walmart, Amazon, and Bestbuy; redeeming the gift card can help you make payment through the amount transferred in their shopping account.

Have you purchased a gift card recently?

Are you actually aware how to redeem the gift card balance?

Redeeming the gift card balance is not a stiff task at all. As if you’re doing it for the first time, then follow the instructions on the web and then perform the action accordingly.

What to Do While Redeeming Your Gift Card Balance?

The process to redeem the gift card balance, depends on the one you possess in a physical form or the one received an email. As you select the type of gift card, different choices prompt upfront to redeem gift card in your online shopping site account.

How to Redeem Your Gift Card Balance?

Here is the process to redeem your gift card balance in the online shopping account:

  • Open online shopping panel and Tap on ‘Menu’.
  • Tap the option ‘Redeem’
  • Enter the gift card number and other essential details required.
  • Finally, Tap on ‘ Done’ to transfer the gift card balance in online shopping account.

Do remember, you can redeem gift card balance to the same company having its online shopping accounts like Google Play store, App store or iTunes music store. Keep in mind that certain fees will be charged and be deducted from the actual amount while redeeming the gift card balance or credits.

Is It Possible to Redeem Gift Card For Free?

As shopping merchants charge certain fees to transfer credits stored in physical gift cards, there are certain websites that can help you redeem card free of cost.

Greenbill.us is one such authentic online portal that offers a one-stop solution to gift card users in terms of redeeming its balance or credits to the online shopping account without charging a single penny.

Here is the process to Redeem gift card free of cost:

  • Click the sign-up button and create a new account at greenbill.us
  • Now access registered an email address and confirm the account
  • Then, click on ‘Redeem’ card option to open the online form.
  • Enter the gift card details and other essential details like access code.
  • Press “Submit” button for the successful redemption of gift card balance.

As if you’re unable to redeem gift card at greenbill.us due to any reason, just give us a call and our experts will advise you how to redeem the gift card for free within free minutes

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